Hydraulic Cylinders

The Ramspecs business was founded on the Contarini product, which has a UNI EN ISO

9001:2000 certification.

Contarini's hydraulic cylinders meet the numerous requirements of the customers to operate machines with a direct control system. Functioning reliability, remarkable availability, excellent static and dynamic qualities characterize our cylinders.

We manufacture Contarini Hydraulic Cylinders to order, giving us the flexibility to provide a tailored solution to suit your requirements.  We offer an extensive range of cylinder options, bore sizes, strokes, rod diameters and cylinder ends, for both transport and industrial applications.

Double Acting Cylinders


Top link rams, stabilizer legs, or any other situation where the cylinder needs to push and pull.
Single Acting Cylinders


Horse float doors, post rammers, or any other situation where the cylinder only needs hydraulic force in one direction.


Cylinder Components


Whether you're looking for a replacement part, check valves, counter balance valves, burst valves or components to manufacture your own cylinder, our cylinder components offer high quality at a low price.